Updated 2019 Program Deadlines

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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Updated 2019 Program Deadlines



Please ensure your projects meet the new program deadlines, effective August 20, 2019. Contact your Account Manager for support with submittals and project close-out. Our team is here to help ensure all eligible projects are completed by the new deadlines and that your customers receive their incentives in a timely manner. There will be no exceptions made to these deadlines, and there will be no carryover projects into 2020.

  • New Project reservations must be submitted on or before September 20, 2019. A reservation must be made prior to construction by September 20 or the project will not be eligible for incentives.
  • Post-retrofit submissions for all projects must be submitted by October 20, 2019.
  • All projects must be completely closed out or cancelled by November 30, 2019.
  • Continue to use the Summer Special: Be sure to enter the code “Summer19” in the Coupon Code field when entering your application in the WebApp.


Come and Mingle for the Opportunity to:

  • Learn about our On-Bill, Interest Free Financing and increased energy efficiency rebates.
  • Network with multifamily property owners, managers and industry trade allies.
  • Meet multifamily contractors who specialize in lighting, domestic hot water, HVAC and more.


  • 4:00–4:30 p.m. Mix and Mingle (Food and Beverage)
  • 4:30–5:30 p.m. Overview of Multifamily Rebate Programs, On-Bill Financing and Energy Savings Assistance Program
  • 5:30–5:45 p.m. Acknowledgment—Key 2019 SoCalGas Multifamily Partners
  • 5:45–7:00 p.m. Networking and Trade Ally Trade Show


Register or Contact us with Questions:

P: 949-333-6674

E: multifamilyrebates@icf.com

Contractor Spotlight for the Month of July

Alps Air Conditioning and Heating

In the Month of July, Alps Air Conditioning and Heating reserved the most projects.

Great job Alps Air Conditioning and Heating!

REMINDER: Complimentary Diagnostic Testing and Project Processing

We encourage you to make the most of our limited time free third-party testing and project processing in conjunction with program-approved Raters. ERE Inspections and iPermit E Raters are providing post-retrofit diagnostic testing and project processing services to contractors. Take advantage of this opportunity to have these services covered by the program at no cost to you; these savings can help you increase sales by passing discounted pricing on to your customers. Please note: Raters may also offer special pricing on Advanced Home Upgrade testing and processing – check with your Rater for details.

Contact ERE Inspections at the information below:

ERE Inspections

Roman Leonelli

(310) 807-4800

Contact iPermit E Raters at the information below:

iPermit E Raters

Stephanie S.

(818) 735-7876 Ext. 3

Upon meeting program requirements, additional approved Raters will be added, offering you additional options from which to select. 

DON’T FORGET: Additional Eligible Smart Thermostats

Lennox Smart Thermostats (iComfort s30, e30, and m30) join the list of smart thermostats eligible for an incentive in this program. Other models eligible for incentives include qualifying Nest, Ecobee and Honeywell Lyric™ Wi-Fi smart thermostats. Please refer to the Info Sheets and Incentive Application Forms to view the full list of eligible smart thermostat models.

Go Green Financing Updates

REEL’s Monthly Payments Make Project Costs Manageable

It’s the question everyone asks: How much is it going to cost?

Now you have the answer at your fingertips. Most Residential Energy Efficiency Loan (REEL) program lenders offer online payment calculators on their websites. We highly recommend using these tools to communicate estimated monthly payment options with ease.

For example: “Your total cost is $10,000. Since these are high-efficiency upgrades, we are able to offer monthly payment options through a state-sponsored financing program called REEL. If you got a loan from a REEL lender at 6.5%, your monthly payment would be about $195/month over 5 years, with no pre-payment penalties.”

You can give customers the REEL Lender Chart and suggest GoGreenFinancing.com/Residential for more information.

Expand your offerings and visibility with REEL. Become a Participating Contractor today! Visit GoGreenFinancing.com/ResidentialContractors to fill out an application and complete the 1-hour program training online, anytime.

Already a REEL contractor and interested in promoting your business with REEL? Check out marketing resources online or contact the Contractor Support team at gogreen@frontierenergy.com to learn more. 

The SoCalGas® Home Upgrade Program is implemented by ICF under a contract awarded by the administrator, SoCalGas, through December 31, 2019. Please visit socalgas.com/upgrade to view the full program disclaimer and additional program details. View the full program disclaimer and additional program details here.

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