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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Program Updates and Effectively Educating Your Employees on the Spring Special!



For a limited time only, SoCalGas is offering a bonus of up to 50% more of your total incentive amount! If you are completing a Home Upgrade project in any SoCalGas territory excluding LADWP this can encourage your customers to go for deeper retrofits and maximum energy efficiency. This will be a great way for you to increase sales before the summer rush. Be sure to enter the code “Spring19” in the Coupon Code field when entering your application in the WebApp. This will help the Program team track the number of projects that benefitted from the Spring Special. Contact your Account Manager with any questions.

Spring Special Rollout

Territory: All SoCalGas territories excluding LADWP

Project Path: Home Upgrade Only

Incentive Increase: Current non-LADWP incentive

plus up to 50% added to your total incentive amount

Do Ductless Homes Qualify?

Homes without central HVAC qualify in the program only if the Advanced Home Upgrade project pathway is taken. This means homes with window AC units or wall furnaces can be upgraded to have central HVAC however, fuel-switching is not allowed. Please note: this is for SnugPro modeling software only. For more details, please contact your account manager.

Learning Center

  • Want to nudge customers toward making energy efficiency upgrades and home assessment reports? You will need to grab their attention in the first few pages, according to ACEEE research that evaluated the eye-tracking habits of potential customers. Read more HERE.
  • Looking for ways to promote your business and enhance your brand engagement? Read more HERE.


  • 90-Day Cancellation Policy is still in effect. If a project has not been completed within 90 days from the project reservation date, the project is subject to cancellation by the program. Participating Contractors at risk of getting their projects cancelled will be notified well ahead of time so that they are able to take action to prevent cancellation. Please contact your Account Manager if you have any questions or concerns about any at-risk projects.
  • The SoCalGas Home Upgrade program no longer falls under the umbrella of Energy Upgrade California®. Most program documents have been updated to reflect the look that aligns with the SoCalGas brand. You can find these updated materials on the contractor website

Reminder: Spring 2019 Program Marketing 

SoCalGas is actively promoting the Home Upgrade program to customers. During March, SoCalGas distributed a marketing email promoting the Spring Special to 400,000 customers throughout the service territory. On April 23, another 600,000 emails were sent out promoting the Spring Special. The email will be distributed multiple times and to a broader group of SoCalGas customers in the coming weeks.

In addition, the program team worked in conjunction with SoCalGas to develop a promotional information postcard targeting the Riverside area that will be inserted in the May customer bill statement. The insert promotes the incentives and encourages customers to visit the website and find a contractor. These postcards will be distributed to over 14,000 customers in May. 

Reminder: Complimentary Diagnostic Testing and Project Processing

We encourage you to make the most of our limited time free third-party testing and project processing in conjunction with program-approved Raters. ERE Inspections and iPermit E Raters are providing post-retrofit diagnostic testing and project processing services to contractors. Take advantage of this opportunity to have these services covered by the program at no cost to you; these savings can help you increase sales by passing discounted pricing on to your customers. Please note: Raters may also offer special pricing on Advanced Home Upgrade testing and processing – check with your Rater for details.

Contact ERE Inspections at the information below:

ERE Inspections

Roman Leonelli

(310) 807-4800

Contact iPermit E Raters at the information below:

iPermit E Raters

Stephanie S.

(818) 735-7876 Ext. 3

Upon meeting program requirements, additional approved Raters will be added, offering you additional options from which to select. 

Reminder: Additional Eligible Smart Thermostats

Lennox Smart Thermostats (iComfort s30, e30, and m30) join the list of smart thermostats eligible for an incentive in this program. Other models eligible for incentives include qualifying Nest, Ecobee and Honeywell Lyric™ Wi-Fi smart thermostats. Please refer to the Info Sheets and Incentive Application Forms to view the full list of eligible smart thermostat models.

QC Corner 

The SoCalGas Home Upgrade Program is looking for projects that upgrade wall or floor furnaces to a central system.

Homeowners in pre-1978 housing stock with a floor or wall furnace can realize significant energy savings by installing a central HVAC system. Installing new central heating with tight, well-insulated ducts alone can provide up to 12% savings in some homes. Install additional measures and the savings go up.

(Please note that the savings illustrated below are from a sample home modeled in Snugg Pro. Actual savings will vary depending on the location, configuration and energy features of your customer’s home.)

Example 1: Your customer lives in a 1,500 sq.ft. single-story 1960’s home in climate zone 9 with a wall or floor furnace and no cooling.

Install a central heating system that includes a new 95 AFUE central furnace with new R-8 ducts sealed to 5%, and your customer could see 12% annual energy savings. Add R-38 attic insulation to the improvements and total energy savings could increase to 19%.

Example 2: This customer lives in a 1,500 sq.ft. single-story 1960’s home in climate zone 9, with a wall or floor furnace and a window/wall air conditioner to cool a portion of the home.

Install a central HVAC system that includes a new 95 AFUE central furnace, new 16 SEER split AC, new R-8 ducts sealed to 5% and R-38 attic insulation. The customer could see 15% annual energy savings. If the homeowner uses multiple window or wall AC units, the savings will be even greater.

Other potential upgrade measures could be combined to increase savings:

  • Crawlspace insulation could add 9% savings.
  • New windows could add 3% savings.
  • A new tankless water heater could add another 10% savings.

The examples above show the potential benefit from replacing non-central HVAC systems in the SoCalGas Advanced Home Upgrade program. This type of HVAC upgrade requires energy modeling with Snugg Pro or Optimizer.

Please note that images of existing installed window and wall AC units and their data plates are required.

Please refer to modeling handbooks for more information on how to properly model a project or contact your ICF Account Manager.

Thank you for your continued support of the SoCalGas Home Upgrade program.

Go Green Financing Updates

Top 3 Ways to Introduce Your Customers to REEL Financing

Your customers have a choice when finding a lender for their Home Upgrade project. With REEL, you can connect your customers to approved lenders using these tips:

1.   Explain that REEL offers lenders you can trust. REEL financing is administered by the state of California, with the support of SoCalGas.

“REEL is state-administered, works with local lenders, and there are no fees or pre-payment penalties. The first step is done online—you get credit approval by contacting a REEL lender.”

2.   Introduce the no-brainer benefits.

“You can choose your dream project and improve your comfort at an affordable cost. REEL lenders offer low monthly payment options, and there’s no obligation to get a payment estimate.”

3.   Direct them to GoGreenFinancing.com, where they’ll find everything they need to learn about REEL—including lender details.

“A typical $10,000 project may work out to less than $200/month. I can help you get pre-approved to see your estimated payment amount. Let’s look at your REEL lender options online together.”

Not yet a REEL Participating Contractor? Sign up today.

Visit GoGreenFinancing.com to fill out an application and complete the 1-hour program training online, anytime. Or, contact the REEL Contractor Support team at 1-800-484-0109 or REEL@frontierenergy.com

The SoCalGas® Home Upgrade Program is implemented by ICF under a contract awarded by the administrator, SoCalGas, through December 31, 2019. Please visit socalgas.com/upgrade to view the full program disclaimer and additional program details. View the full program disclaimer and additional program details here.