SCG - October 4 Program Update

Program Requirement
Project Processing
Thursday, October 4, 2018

Meet the Only Rater (for now) Conducting the Program's Free Testing and Processing!

In this issue you can expect to see:

  • Budget Update
  • Limited Time Complimentary Testing and Project Processing
  • Updated Incentive Applications and Info Sheets
  • Smart Thermostat and Pool Heater Clarification
  • BPI Certification Training
  • Go Green Financing Updates

Important Reminders:

  • 90-Day Cancellation Policy is Still in Effect

Budget Update

As of now, 65% of the SoCalGas Only program incentive budget is remaining. Budget updates are scheduled to go out twice a month unless stated otherwise. Please contact your account manager to see how you can take advantage of the remaining incentive budget.

New Highlights

Limited Time Complimentary Testing and Project Processing

We promised you a limited period of complimentary third-party testing and project processing in conjunction with program-approved Raters, and we have delivered on that promise.

ERE Inspections is available to provide post-retrofit diagnostic testing and project processing services. Take advantage of this opportunity to have these services covered by the program at no cost to you.

Please note: Raters may also offer special pricing on Advanced Home Upgrade testing and processing – check with your Rater for details. These savings can help you increase sales by passing discounted pricing on to your customers. 

Contact the program-approved Raters at the information below:

ERE Inspections

Roman Leonelli

(310) 807-4800  

Approved Raters will be added to the list once they meet specified program requirements, to offer you a wider selection to choose from.

Updated Calculators

The Home Upgrade and Advanced Home Upgrade Calculators have been updated to reflect the changes to the SoCalGas only program and are now available for download from the contractors’ website.

Updated Incentive Application Forms and Info Sheets

The Incentive Application Forms have been updated to reflect updated terms and conditions, eligible measures and the new Home Upgrade Program branding. Please download from the contractors website immediately and use for any new projects. A grace period in which Participating Contractors can continue to use the old forms ends October 31, 2018. Effective November 1, 2018 all projects submitted must use the new forms and no exceptions will be made.

The Information Sheets have also been updated to reflect the new branding and include the addition of new measures: auto-diverting tub spout with thermostatic shut-off showerhead, gas-fired pool heater, smart thermostat and pipe wrap.

Clarification: Smart Thermostats and Pool Heaters

There have been questions about how the smart thermostat and pool heaters contribute to the final incentive per project. The clarification outlined below will help answer these questions.

Smart thermostats and pool heaters do not count toward the three measure minimum requirement for eligibility.

However, a contractor can add a smart thermostat or pool heater to a project that already has the three qualifying measures, bringing the energy savings to the 10 percent threshold or minimum dollar limit ($1,200 for SoCalGas/LADWP and $360 for SoCalGas/Non-LADWP projects). Please see the table below illustrating this.

Please contact your account manager if you have any questions.

Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certification Training

Are you looking to help your clients reduce their energy bills while improving their comfort and safety? Expand your business? Looking to renew your expired BPI certification?

A Building Analyst (BA) certification course will take place from Monday, October 15, 2018 to Friday, October 19, 2018. For additional information and to register contact:

Lorelei Penera
(858) 444-3915


  • 90-Day Cancellation Policy is still in effect.
  • Additional Automobile insurance is no longer requested by the program for initial or continued participation by contractors. Please be sure to still follow the state automobile insurance requirements. 
  • ICF’s new office address is 49 Discovery Suite 250, Irvine CA 92618. Please update your records.

See September 2018 newsletter for more details on these items.

Go Green Financing Updates

REEL On-Demand Training to Increase Sales

With rebate availability changing, contractors are using new financing tools for both Home Upgrade projects and beyond. That’s where the state-administered Residential Energy Efficiency Loan (REEL) program comes in.

With REEL, you can offer monthly payment options with no pre-payment penalties for customers, and no cost to contractors. Whether you’re brand new to the program or just need a refresher, we have training resources that can help you!

Sign Up Today!

Already a REEL Participating Contractor?

Don’t miss the recent 30-minute Contractor Roundtable that discussed: 

  • New marketing resources – including homeowner-facing collateral with your company logo
  • Tips & best practices – including how to sell larger projects by providing a monthly payment estimate 

You can download a PDF of the Contractor Roundtable slide deck or watch the recording. You can also contact the REEL Contractor Support team directly at 1-800-484-0109 or Email to get one-on-one coaching.  

Not yet a REEL Participating Contractor?

It’s easy to get started! The program training takes about 1 hour to complete and is available online, anytime at Not sure if REEL is for you? Contact the REEL Contractor Support team directly at 1-800-484-0109 or Email and we can help.