SCE - September Program Update

Program Requirement
Thursday, September 6, 2018


Attention All: Joint Program is closed for reservations!

Complete Construction as soon as possible.

In this issue you can expect to see:

  • Thank you to all Contractors!
  • Something for your Customers in the SCE and SoCalREN Territories: SoCalGas Only Program
  • New: Contractor Insurance: Additional Insured/Certificate Holder Requirement for SCE
  • New: Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certification Training
  • Important Deadline: Post-Retrofit Submissions
  • QC Corner
  • Financing Updates from CHEEF/REEL

Thank You, Contractors, for Contributing to our Success!

SCE, SoCalGas and the program team would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all Participating Contractors for your contributions to helping the program achieve unprecedented levels of success. Thanks to you, your customers and your staff, the program was able to help drive advances in the home performance market in Southern California and help bring our state closer to its energy savings goals. Here are just a few ways your work brought positive impacts:

Homes Upgraded: 8,776

Incentives Paid to Customers: $24 Million+

Electric Savings (kWh): 10,800,000+

Gas Savings (therms): 1,041,000+

The energy you helped save is equivalent to removing more than 13,500 metric tons of CO2 – making a real impact and helping improve quality of life for your customers and all Californians. We are proud of what we have achieved together and look forward to working with you again on future program endeavors. 

Something for your Customers in the SCE and SoCalREN Territories: SoCalGas Only Program

Beginning September 1, 2018 both the Southern California Regional Energy Network (SoCalREN) and joint SCE/SoCalGas territories will become part of the SoCalGas Only Program. This will cover all territories where SoCalGas provides gas service.

Projects will be incentivized at the rate of 30% of the total incentive amount (for Home Upgrade) or total energy savings amount (for Advanced Home Upgrade) for projects in the SoCalGas Municipalities excluding the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP).

LADWP customers will continue to receive 100% of the incentive when additional conditions are met.

The program will be working in partnership with Raters to offer free third-party diagnostic testing and project processing, too! You could save up to $1,000 per project and pass these savings on to your customers. Please contact your account manager for more details.

New: Contractor Insurance: Additional Insured/Certificate Holder Requirement for SCE

Even though the SCE/SoCalGas program is no longer accepting new reservations, contractors who currently have projects in the pipeline for post-retrofit processing must ensure that SCE is listed as an additional insured/certificate holder on their insurance documents until December 31, 2018. This requirement applies to both general liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

New: Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certification Training

Are you looking to help your clients reduce their energy bills while improving their comfort and safety? Expand your business? Looking to renew your expired BPI certification?

There is an upcoming Building Analyst (BA) certification course scheduled to take place from Monday, October 15, 2018 to Friday, October 19, 2018. For additional information and to register contact:

Lorelei Penera

Phone: 858.444.3915


Important Deadline: Post-Retrofit Submissions

To ensure this deadline is clear and concise, please keep in mind the following:

  • To receive an incentive, all projects that were reserved by August 31, 2018 must be post-retrofit submitted with all required documentation by October 31, 2018. No exceptions.
  • Please note: this deadline only apply to SCE/SoCalGas projects. No incentive checks will be issued in 2019.

Reminder: New Contractor Participation Agreement

The Contractor Participation Agreement was updated earlier this year to be more contractor-friendly and is now available on the contractor website here

The account management team has been reaching out to contractors to ensure that they comply with this requirement. We are happy to report that most contractors have responded and are in compliance.

If you have received an email with the documents for completion, please reply as soon possible. Failure to return the signed documents could result in your projects not being processed before the program closing date. 


  • BPI On-Staff for Advanced Home Upgrade is no longer a requirement for participation in the program.
  • Mentoring is no longer required by the program.
  • 90-Day Cancellation Policy is still in effect.

Review the August 2018 newsletter for more information on these topics. 

ICF has moved to a new location

The ICF team has moved to a new office, located at:

49 Discovery Suite 250
Irvine CA 92618

Please update your records and notify your insurance providers to send all mail to this location.

QC Corner

The Program has recently seen an increase in the number of Advanced Home Upgrade projects being delayed due to contractors and auditors using incorrect default values. As you know, the Program has a number of building elements that require the use of default values. If you are unsure what building components require default values consult the following documents:

Based on whether you are submitting a default path project, a custom path project or a custom path project with utility bill calibration, there are different requirements for which default values to use. Consulting the Snugg Pro Energy Modeling Guide Version 2.0 and the OptiMiser® Energy Modeling Guide Version 1.0 will help you understand how default values are used in the various paths.

The following default values not included in the Vintage Default Table but included in the Snugg Pro and OptiMiser manuals are for plug load appliances including:

  • Refrigerators: 691 kWh/yr.
  • Dishwashers: E.F. 0.62
  • Clothes Washer: E.F 1.29

If you have questions regarding any of these values please reach out to your ICF account manager, or RHA.

Financing Updates from CHEEF/REEL

REEL Accepts Home Upgrade Inspections to Streamline Paperwork

Although customers appreciate the benefits of energy efficiency programs, the inspection process can sometimes be daunting. That’s why the Residential Energy Efficiency Loan (REEL) program and the Home Upgrade program work together to streamline inspections for projects that go through both programs.

With financing, it’s even easier to sell larger projects, including Home Upgrade projects.

  • If you finance a project using REEL that also goes through a utility rebate program like Home Upgrade, you’re in luck! Home Upgrade projects are already held to a high standard of quality. The REEL program accepts the Home Upgrade inspection rates, and there are no additional REEL inspections.
  • If you finance a project using REEL that does not go through an IOU or REN rebate program, the REEL program may initiate random project inspections after the loan closes, to ensure all measures are installed.

Already a REEL Participating Contractor, but haven’t used REEL yet?

The REEL Contractor Support team is here to help. With one click or call, you can get up to speed on the program process and marketing resources, including co-branded collateral. Contact the REEL Contractor Support team at 1-800-484-0109 or to get one-on-one coaching. 

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