SCE - October 3 Program Update

Program Requirement
Thursday, October 4, 2018

Attention All: Joint Program Post-Retrofit Deadline is Approaching!


  • Complete construction and submit post-retrofit projects!
  • No projects will be paid out in 2019

In this issue you can expect to see:

  • Important Deadline: Post-Retrofit Submissions
  • Contractor Insurance Document Requirements
  • Go Green Financing Updates

Important Deadline: Post-Retrofit Submissions

To ensure this deadline is clear and concise, please keep in mind the following:

  • To receive an incentive, all projects which were reserved by August 31, 2018 must be post-retrofit submitted with all required documentation by October 31, 2018.
  • Respond to requests for additional information or corrections from QC reviewers or processors promptly to avoid delays in processing.
  • No incentive checks will be issued after December 31, 2018, so please work with our teams to ensure a smooth wind-up of the program.
  • Please note: this deadline only applies to Southern California Edison (SCE)/SoCalGas® projects. 

Contractor Insurance Document Requirements

Contractors with projects still the pipeline for processing will still be required to provide General Liability and Workers’ Compensation insurance that lists SCE, SoCalGas and ICF as Certificate holders, when due.

For General Liability insurance, all three parties must also be listed as Additional Insured and a Waiver of Subrogation must be included.

For Workers’ Compensation insurance, a Waiver of Subrogation must be included.

Refer to the Contractor Participation Agreement for more details and contact your account manager if you have any questions.


  • Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certification Training available 10/15/2018-10/19/2018. Contact Lorelei Penera at (858) 444-3915 for more details.
  • 90-Day Cancellation Policy is still in effect.
  • Automobile insurance is no longer being requested by the program for continued participation by contractors.
  • ICF’s new office address is 49 Discovery Suite 250, Irvine CA 92618. Please update your records.

See September 2018 newsletter for more details on these items.

Go Green Financing Updates

REEL On-Demand Training to Increase Sales 

With rebate availability changing, contractors are using new financing tools for both Home Upgrade projects and beyond. That’s where the state-administered Residential Energy Efficiency Loan (REEL) program comes in.

With REEL, you can offer monthly payment options with no pre-payment penalties for customers, and no cost to contractors. Whether you’re brand new to the program or just need a refresher, we have training resources that can help you!

Sign up Today!

Already a REEL Participating Contractor?

Don’t miss the recent 30-minute Contractor Roundtable that discussed:

  • New marketing resources – including homeowner-facing collateral with your company logo
  • Tips & best practices – including how to sell larger projects by providing a monthly payment estimate

You can download a PDF of the Contractor Roundtable slide deck or watch the recording.  You can also contact the REEL Contractor Support team directly at 1-800-484-0109 or Email to get one-on-one coaching. 

Not yet a REEL Participating Contractor?

It’s easy to get started! The program training takes about 1 hour to complete and is available online, anytime at Not sure if REEL is for you? Contact the REEL Contractor Support team directly at 1-800-484-0109 or Email and we can help.