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August 8 Program Update

Tuesday, August 8, 2017



August 8 Program Update

Greetings to all Participating Energy Upgrade California® Home Upgrade Contractors in the Southern California Edison (SCE) and SoCalGas® service territories. Please take note of several important dates below. Contact your Account Manager if you have questions about any of the topics. 

SCE/SoCalGas Program Updates

Important Reminder: Incentive Funds are Rapidly Becoming Limited

Due to the overwhelming success of the program, available incentive funds are depleting quickly. To ensure your customers' projects qualify for incentives, you must reserve your project incentives prior to beginning construction. It is imperative that you reserve your projects and receive confirmation as soon as possible and before you begin construction to protect your company from liability and maintain your good reputation with your customers. Please remember the last day to reserve projects for the 2017 program is September 30, 2017. The program will resume with new funds in January 2018.

Deadlines: Program Reservations

To ensure deadlines are clear and concise with the end of the year approaching, please keep in mind the following:

  • All reservations must be submitted by 9/30/2017 by 6 PM PST. Any projects submitted after this time will not be eligible to participate in the program for 2017. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • In order to receive an incentive in 2017 all projects reserved by 9/30/2017 must be post-retrofit submitted with all required documentation by 11/15/2017. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • The program will not accept any new reservations until January 2, 2018. For 2018 projects the qualified energy-efficiency measures must be purchased and completely installed between January 1, 2018, and December 31, 2018, by a Participating Contractor. NO EXCEPTIONS

Reminder: Dual Submission is Ending

Multiple project reservations for the same residence (i.e. dual submission) will not be allowed for projects reserved on or after August 15, 2017 in both the SCE/SoCalGas and SoCalGas Programs. For residences seeking credit for multiple HVAC system upgrades, Participating Contractors should submit a single Advanced Home Upgrade project.

Notice Regarding Version 1 of Cake Systems

Renovate America is no longer allowing contractors to sign up for new accounts for Version 1 of Cake Systems. Renovate America will continue to provide support to current Version 1 Cake Systems account holders. Contractors will be able to sign up for a Cake Systems account when Version 2 is released. Please contact your account manager, if you have any questions.

Home Performance Coalition Conference & Trade Show  

The 2017 HPC Conference is coming in November to Long Beach at the Hilton! Click here to register and become a part of the home performance and weatherization conversation as we work together to strengthen the industry through education, networking and new ideas. Grow your business and enhance your career in California!

The committee is still looking for session topics and ideas! If you are interested in submitting a session proposal that would reflect the best thinking, practices, research and innovation in the field, submit your idea to HPC through the Proposal Submission Site no later than Friday, August 11, 2017 by midnight PT. You can see all the current information here

Be Aware of Previous Participation

Before purchasing energy-efficient furnaces, please inform your distributor that you would like to purchase the furnaces without a midstream or upstream buy-down and that the furnaces will be installed in homes participating in the Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade Program. If your distributor is unaware that you are purchasing a furnace for a customer participating in Home Upgrade, the distributor might apply for incentives through a midstream incentive program. If the distributor receives an incentive in a midstream incentive program, incentives for that measure may not be paid again through the Home Upgrade Program. Be sure to check with your distributor for more information.

Please remember to ask your customer about previous participation in other utility incentive programs. Measures they have already received incentives, rebates or direct installation measures within the past five years from any program funded with California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) Public Goods Charge funds are not eligible to receive an incentive again in the Home Upgrade Program.

Keep Your Customers in the Loop - Include Their Email Address

Concerned customers have contacted the program team and utility sponsors because they have not received any notification emails to let them know their projects had been reserved, submitted and approved. To keep your customers informed of the status of their projects, we remind you that it is required to enter a customer email address when reserving the project in the WebApp. Customers whose projects have been selected for inspection also receive a notification email so they are prepared for the QC team to call them to schedule the inspection. Contact your Account Manager if you have any concerns about this requirement.

Energy Efficiency Financing for California Homeowners

If you have customers who are hesitant about moving forward with a project due to cost concerns, energy efficiency financing may offer an ideal solution. The California Hub for Energy Efficiency Financing (CHEEF) offers Residential Energy Efficiency Loan (REEL) Program, aimed at providing attractive financing options to help residential customers complete more energy efficiency home improvement projects. For more information about this program view details here!

SoCalGas Program Updates

Important Reminder: SoCalGas Program Aligning with Joint Program Incentives and Measures

The SoCalGas Program requirements and incentives will be revised to align with the Joint SCE/SoCalGas Program for all projects reserved on or after August 15, 2017 and/or all projects post-retrofit submitted on or after October 1, 2017. Information on these changes is available in the SoCalGas August 15, 2017 Program Changes Quick Reference Guide available on the Contractor Website.

Customer Satisfaction: Top Performers in the SoCalGas Program

Customer Satisfaction is of critical importance to SoCalGas. We are pleased to recognize three Participating Contractors with top Customer Satisfaction Survey scores in 2017:  

  • NuQuest Industries, Inc.
  • Alps Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Burgeson's Heating and Air Conditioning,  Inc.

Make sure you include the customer's email address for each project submitted to the program so your excellent work can be recognized, too!

Please note that the updates listed for the SCE/SoCalGas program above also apply to the SoCalGas-only program. If you have any questions, please contact your Account Management team.

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