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November 15 Program Updates

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Important Notice: 2017 Program Changes have been announced! Thank you to all Participating Contractors who attended the Program Changes webinar this morning. If you were unable to attend, please contact your Account Manager for instructions on how you can complete Program Changes training through the Home Upgrade Learning Center online. In addition, Program Changes Cheat Sheets will be available in the Resources section of the Contractor Website soon. 

Please join Southern California Edison (SCE) and SoCalGas® for our Sixth Annual Contractor Appreciation Night on December 6 in Anaheim. More details and a link to register are below.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Announcement                                                             

We are excited to announce that the SCE/SoCalGas Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade program is now part of Home Performance with ENERGY STAR! With nearly 90% recognition by American consumers, the ENERGY STAR brand is a positive addition to program marketing materials and your sales process.

Your Account Manager will be in touch to help you get started with Home Performance with ENERGY STAR. You'll just need to:

  1. Sign a one-page addendum to the Contractor Participation Agreement that gives you permission to co-brand with Home Performance with ENERGY STAR.
  2. Complete a Home Energy Assessment with each project (we've developed a quick and easy form that you can use for Home Upgrade projects, or you can use your own Assessment form if approved by your Account Manager. Advanced Home Upgrade projects can continue to use the modeling software's report or a custom report approved by your Account Manager). Home Upgrade projects reserved on or after December 1 must include a Home Energy Assessment.
  3. Let your customers know that with completion of a Home Upgrade or Advanced Home Upgrade project, their home is now also a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR home!

Our team can help you with incorporating the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR brand into your own marketing materials and website. We can also assist with the ENERGY STAR web linking policy, a valuable resource that can get your company's name and contact information listed on the national Home Performance with ENERGY STAR website.

With this addition, all Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade and Advanced Home Upgrade projects throughout the SCE and SoCalGas service territories are qualified as Home Performance with ENERGY STAR! Please contact your Account Manager if you have any questions about Home Performance with ENERGY STAR.

See below for information on an upcoming training opportunity with the national Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program.

Sixth Annual Contractor Appreciation Night                                                                             

Please join us at Dave and Busters in Anaheim for a night of fun and games as we celebrate your achievements and accomplishments in 2016! We have reserved a private room for dinner, presentations and awards. Gaming cards will be provided, awards will be presented, and everyone will have a chance to win exciting raffle prizes! We appreciate and recognize all of your hard work and look forward to celebrating your success with you.

Date: Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Time: 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Location: Dave & Busters - Anaheim, 20 City Blvd. West, Orange, CA 92868

Updates to SCE/Propane Project Incentive Calculations

  • Advanced Home Upgrade: Projects completed in the SCE service territory that have propane as the primary heating fuel source will have their total final incentive calculated at a rate of 70%; therm kickers will not be paid on these projects. Effective immediately, the incentive calculation for these projects is: (Base Incentive + kWh kickers) X 70%.
  • Home Upgrade: Projects completed in the SCE service territory that have propane as the primary heating fuel source will continue to have their final incentive calculation calculated as such:  Final Incentive x 70%.

Please contact your Account Manager with any questions or concerns. 

Whole House Healthy Comfort Energy Sellutions

December 8, 2016

9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

SoCalGas Energy Resource Center

During this sales and marketing course, attendees will learn about a differentiated approach to selling that is more consumer-friendly.  Instructor Drew Cameron, an industry veteran with three decades of experience, teaches a buyer engagement, enablement, and discovery process that can help you increase sales with your customers. The program is pleased to offer this course at no cost to Participating Contractors. Seating is limited, so register today to reserve your spot!

Take a Tour with Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (Webinar)

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR has enhanced its online tools and resources to better guide homeowners and program partners through the home improvement process. On this new website, you will find simplified, streamlined content with new materials. You are invited to attend a webinar to take a tour of the website and new materials on Wednesday, November 30, at 12 p.m. The national Home Performance with ENERGY STAR team will share best practices on leveraging these resources. 


Program Changes Webinar

Friday, November 4, 2016

Join us for a one-hour webinar covering changes to the Southern California Edison (SCE) and SoCalGas® Energy Upgrade California® Home Upgrade program for 2017. We will discuss measure and incentive changes that will go into effect for projects reserved after January 1, 2017.  This will be your first opportunity to learn about program changes and how they might impact your projects. Please share this registration link with anyone on your team/staff who should attend. 

Please contact your Account Manager with any questions!

Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Time: 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Link to join the webinar provided upon registration

Register Here!

November 1 Program Update

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Important Notice: 2017 Program Changes will be announced soon. Please register now
for the Program Changes Webinar, where you'll have an opportunity to ask the Program team questions about the changes.

Thank you to the Participating Contractors who attended the Hands-On Combustion Safety Testing Training event on October 18 and the Project Processing Training event on October 26. Please visit the Program Resources, Program Documents section of the Contractor Website to find a copy of the presentation slides. 

Incentive Checks Released to the Contractor (Joint Program Only)

For incentive checks issued to Participating Contractors dated on or after October 1, 2016, the contractor will receive a 1099 form for that payment. Please speak with your tax professional regarding possible implications on taxes. 

HERS CF3R Duct Leakage Reports and QC Inspections

Did you know if you are claiming duct sealing on your project and upload the HERS Rater's CF3R MCH 20 Duct Leakage report (for a tested home) that the QC field inspector can use the report's results instead of retesting the ducts?  Though this report is not required to be uploaded to your project at post-retrofit submission, it can reduce the inspection time for your customer if you do include it and is recommended. This does not apply to HERS reports from untested/sample group homes. Please contact your account manager with any questions.  

Energy Modeling Updates (Joint and Gas Only Programs)

Program Values

As a reminder, program policy states that the following occupant behavior settings be used in all models*:

  • Thermostats: Winter Indoor Temp (or heating) set to 70 degrees, Summer Indoor Temp (or cooling) set to 78 degrees
  • Lighting: Do not enter or include a lighting count in your energy model submitted to the program

NOTE: When the Program specifies required values, all models are required to use these values. Always follow Program guidance on values unless the Program notes otherwise. If incorrect values are submitted, then corrected Program Values will be updated in the submitted energy model, which may have an effect on your estimated incentive. If you have any questions or are unsure of the guidance you have received from your modeling software vendor, please consult Program Updates guidance here or check with your Account Management team to ensure you have used the correct values.

*For projects participating in the Custom Path utilizing Snugg Pro's utility bill calibration, please follow Snugg Pro's guidelines on how to enter inputs for existing/base values.

Important Information Regarding Cake Project Submittals

It is essential when constructing energy models that they are filled out accurately and completely. While the majority of entries made to the EPS Input screen, Energy Analysis and Upgrades screen and the Edit Actual Values screen are observed conditions or measured values, special care must be taken for certain items.

Thermostat Setting(s)

The thermostat settings must be set to proper default values. Do not enter the occupants' thermostat values. Default thermostat settings are entered on the Edit Actual Values / Edit Actual Measurements screen (below)

  • Thermostat Heating Setpoint default is 70 degrees
  • Thermostat Cooling Setpoint default is 78 degrees

The blue values to the right of the boxes indicate the values calculated by CAKE. Since the Thermostat Heating Setpoint in blue calls for 68.0°F, the modeler must enter a value of 70 in the box to set the proper Thermostat Heating Setpoint. Since the Thermostat Cooling Setpoint in blue calls for 78°F no value needs to be entered in the box.


The lighting section near the bottom of the EPS Input screen should be left blank. Do not enter the number of Incandescent, Fluorescent/LED fixtures. Additionally, only enter zero values for:

  • Other Major Uses of Energy
  • Other Major External Energy Uses
  • PV Solar Performance

Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Analyst (BA) Certification Training

Are you or a member of your staff looking to become BPI BA certified? Participating Contractors with a BPI BA on staff are eligible to offer Advanced Home Upgrade projects to their customers for larger incentives and deeper energy savings. Breakfast and lunch will be provided for the classroom instruction days as well as breakfast on the written exam day.

Monday, November 14 - Friday, November 18, possibly November 19 to finish up any field exams

Location: Classroom Venue - TBD in Orange County

                  Field/Test House - address to be provided a week prior to the training

Please ask your Account Manager for the registration coupon code and more information. Register today - class size is limited! 

Coming Soon: Home Upgrade Learning Center Updates

The Home Upgrade Learning Center continues to offer more training courses in a faster and better online environment.  We would like to invite you to visit the newly upgraded Home Upgrade Learning Center!  The Learning Center has several new enhancements that provide Participating Contractors (like you!) with no cost access to even more sales and marketing, technical and in-field best practice courses at your fingertips.

What's changing?

  • More Courses - A growing library offers sales and marketing, technical and business best practices courses, many of which are Continuing Education Unit (CEU) accredited.
  • More ways to connect - The Learning Center is now accessible from all of your mobile devices! The mobile responsive redesign means you can learn anytime, anywhere.
  • Better access to information - Revisit past training courses and download resources anytime, from any device. Once you have taken a training course, easily revisit it from your personal dashboard page.
  • Better access to instructors - our 'Ask an Instructor' feature allows you to ask questions with the click of a button without leaving the course.
  • CEUs - Earn certificates of course completion that will qualify for Building Performance Institute CEUs, with other nationally recognized organizations anticipated to accept CEUs in the near future

What won't change?

  • Your training history - If you've taken a previous training course, your scores and completion reports are updated in your account.
  • Our commitment to quality training courses - as the training library grows, you have access to training courses from industry experts, many with decades of experience in their field.
  • Your VIP access - access to the Learning Center is a benefit of participating in Home Upgrade. Access to the training courses, resources and experts are provided to you at no cost. 

Please contact your Account Manager today to learn more and look for the update in coming weeks!