SoCalGas® Home Upgrade Program

Customer Benefits

Cash-back incentives to help offset the cost of energy efficiency improvements.

A more comfortable home in all seasons and improved home durability for years to come.

Improved indoor air quality and a lighter impact on the environment through reduced energy use.

About the Program

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The SoCalGas® Home Upgrade Program is managed locally SoCalGas. Homeowners work with a Participating Contractor to choose the upgrade option best for their home:

Home Upgrade: One or more base improvements such as air sealing or insulation plus standard additional upgrades that improve comfort and energy efficiency. Cash-back incentives of up to $3,000 for customers served by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) and up to $1,300 for customers served by Southern California Edison (SCE) or a Municipal Electric Utility other than LADWP.

Advanced Home Upgrade: Comprehensive home energy assessment and customized upgrades for maximum savings. Cash-back incentives of up to $5,500 for customers served by LADWP and up to $1,650 for customers served by SCE or a Municipal Electric Utility other than LADWP (incentive varies depending on percentage of modeled energy savings).


Typical Qualifying Measures

Air Sealing

By sealing the home's envelope, conditioned air stays in and dusts, pests and allergens stay out.

High Efficiency HVAC

A high efficiency heating and cooling system sized properly for the home can help increase comfort and reduce energy costs.


Appropriate insulation blankets the home in comfort and can help reduce the burden on the home's HVAC system.

Hot Water System

An energy-efficient domestic hot water system can reduce the amount of energy and water used in the home.

Additional Qualifying Measures

  • Windows: Let the California sunshine in without the heat! Low-E windows can help protect curtains and furniture while also keeping rooms cooler.
  • Radiant Barrier: A radiant barrier does just that - it helps to keep heat from entering the home, resulting in lower temperatures on hot days.
  • Pool Pump: For homeowners who own pools, a high efficiency pool pump can mean big savings on monthly energy costs.
  • Cool Roof: When a cool roof is installed, it reflects more sunlight and absorbs less heat than the standard roof it replaces.

How the Program Works

Participating Contractor

The homeowner engages with a Participating Contractor who will help guide them through the Home Upgrade process.

Identify Ways to Save

The Participating Contractor will perform a home energy assessment to help identify and build a package of energy efficiency improvements customized for the home.

Complete the Upgrade

Using his or her extensive training in building science and construction, the Participating Contractor will install qualifying measures and complete any required combustion safety testing in the home.

Cash-Back Incentive

After all upgrades are complete and all required documentation is submitted to the program's administrative team, the incentive check will be issued!