Important Program Change Notice:
All reservations must be submitted by 9/30/2017 by 6 PM PST. Any projects submitted after this time will not be eligible to participate in the program for 2017. NO EXCEPTIONS

In order to receive an incentive in 2017 all projects reserved by 9/30/2017 must be post-retrofit submitted with all required documentation by 11/15/2017. NO EXCEPTIONS

The program will not accept any new reservations until January 2, 2018. For 2018 projects the qualified energy-efficiency measures must be purchased and completely installed between January 1, 2018, and December 31, 2018, by a Participating Contractor. NO EXCEPTIONS

For projects reserved on or after August 15, 2017:

  • Multiple projects (dual submission) will no longer be accepted.

  • SoCalGas Program project measures and incentives will match the Joint SCE/SoCalGas Program project measures and incentives*.  

  • SoCalGas Home Upgrade projects participating in the Historic Buildings Energy Efficiency Program (HBEEP) or projects in the SoCalGas LADWP municipal territory must meet a minimum of $1,200 or 10% energy savings (as modeled by the Home Upgrade Incentive Calculator); non-LADWP municipal utilities Home Upgrade projects must meet a minimum of $360 or 10% energy savings. Home Upgrade and Advanced Home Upgrade projects in the SoCalGas non-LADWP municipal territories receive 30% of the final incentive unless they are participating in HBEEP.

​*Exceptions: the SoCalGas Advanced Home Upgrade Whole Building Air Sealing measure minimum will continue to be 15%, and the SoCalGas/LADWP pool pump measure will continue to be $1,000.

Full details of these changes are available in the SoCalGas August 15 2017 Program Changes Quick Reference Guide.

Welcome to Energy Upgrade California® Home Upgrade in the Southern California Edison and SoCalGas® service territories.

Energy Upgrade California Home Upgrade is a statewide initiative directed by the California Public Utilities Commission and managed locally by Southern California Edison and SoCalGas. Through Home Upgrade, California homeowners can enjoy a more comfortable home and earn valuable cash back incentives.